Breaking 100 – Tension is your swing’s #1 death move

Are you looking to strike the golf ball up in the air with a nice flight-path and with more consistency? Then this article is for you. Tension, tightness, and not being relaxed when you swing is the most common mistake that new golfers make and it’s costing you big time.

Sorry to judge, but when I see golfers with a tense set up at the driving range, I already know what kind of shots do expect from them.


I think to myself – before I even see them hit.

I know that sounds a little mean, but I don’t mean it that way. I just know already from my own mistakes back from when I was a beginning golfer.

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Tension in your swing causes miss hits and prevents you from breaking 100

I can already tell, before I see the result, what a hit form a tense player is going to look like.

Bouncing miss hits.

Low bouncing miss hits, slices,  tops, drop kicks, and even whiffs.

Again, I’m very sorry to prejudge these beginners, but I see it again and again and again and they don’t realize it and it drives me crazy. So that’s why I’m writing about it in hopes that you can eliminate tension in your swing and start hitting the ball nicely into the air.

Why we have tension in our golf swings

Look, I get it. The game of golf is ridiculously difficult. It also gets tiring being out there in the elements for a few hours. What’s even more tiring is miss-hitting the ball again and again and wondering what is wrong with you.

After several bad shots, golfers tend to become MORE tense. I don’t see how a golfer can eliminate tension unless they are extremely aware of it. I have been fighting tension in my golf swing for a couple of decades from my first goal of breaking 100 to finally breaking 80.

Well now it’s time for you to work on this!

The bad news is that it is hard to get rid of. The stresses of golf and a few miss hits will have it creeping back into your swing with nearly every next shot.

The good news is that to execute a relaxed swing with no tension is not all the technical. You just have to be “aware”.

The great news about a relaxed, tension-free swing is that you will start hitting the ball more consistently – and that is super fun.

Grip pressure – your first step to a tension-free golf swing

What is your grip pressure on a scale of 1 to 10?

If you answered more than two probably making this mistake.

How relaxed should you be at set up? You should be so relaxed that you can fall asleep in that position. Your wrists especially should be so relaxed that the club face should waggle around as if the shaft was made out of string.

There was a trick that most of us did as a child in grade school where we would hold a pencil in our finger tips and say “look, my pencil is made our of rubber”. Then we would waggle the pencil very loosely in out fingertips and create the illusion of the pencil really being made from soft rubber.

Set up and execute your golf shots this way. Pretend you are that child again and that your club’s shaft is made from soft rubber. Make it waggle around like that. This is how you should be swinging the golf club. with every shot.

Be like water, grasshopper.

Realize this complete relaxation and looseness on every swing, regardless of what happened on the last shot, and even when you are facing a shot that must carry water.

This is the key to breaking 100.

A tense swing is in your mind – you must stay “aware” to break 100

You really need to have your mind engaged as well as your body.

To begin with, a good setup is much of the golf swing.

Being relaxed while you swing is nearly the rest of it.

With a good set-up and a relaxed, tension-free swing, you should be bale to break 100 and even 90. Worry about your technical swing execution flaws on after you have worked on your set-up and your tension levels.

You shouldn’t be thinking about a hundred things when you swing the golf club, but a relaxed swing with no tension is one of the things you should be thinking of.

Flow like water.

Sure, there are some very important technical elements to a golf swing – but if you start with a good set up and you have no tension – your shots will become more consistent and your scores will start dropping nicely.

You will golf so much better than you are golfing now.

You can worry about fixing the more technical aspects of your swing flaws later – like when you begin your quest to break 90. You will do those things one at a time and I will help you. You will eventually break 90 too, you’ll see.

But for now you need to break 100 and you are going to do that with no tension and a good set-up.

You’re reading right now and not golfing, but go ahead and picture yourself with the most excellent setup you have ever imagined and as loose and relaxed as you have ever been. In our imaginary swing here, you can still swing fast if you want.

How did that imaginary swing look? Better? Of course!

I can’t wait until you give it a try on the course.

Breaking 100 and what to think about when you swing

You shouldn’t really have any technical swing thoughts as you swing.

Don’t waste too much time on the course slowing others down, but your technical thought should be insured on your practice swing.

When you actually go to hit the ball, keep it simple.

During the back-swing, just rotate your shoulders back and be as relaxed as possible and the downswing again your only thought should be to create a free-flowing, loose club head through the ball. How does that look in your head right now? Is this getting you excited?

Well, let’s be realistic for a second. Golf is HARD!

All of your shots are not going to be perfect, LOL.

But, when you set up correctly and tension free, many of your shots (not all) will fly higher, straighter, and longer. You will be at least slightly more consistent.

It’s a numbers game and your golf score is the average of 100 strokes or so. Not all of them will be great. I’ll be honest here – you will still duff many of your shots. I shot a 76 last week and I still duff several shots – depending on the day. Some days I duff one or two, other days I duff five or six.

Me, and other players that can break 80 have the mental toughness to ignore the duffs, stay relaxed, and go with the averages.

Be ready for that and stay aware. Be tough mentally. All you need is a few more good ones than last time and you will break 100 in no time.

No matter the result you need to stay on it.

Give this a try and please let me know how it goes for you.

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