With more than 15 years of stagnant scores, I finally broke 80. Here’s how…

Even after years and years of lessons combined with thoughtful and consistent practice, I wasn’t improving.

It really bothered me.

It’s not that I was a terrible golfer – I would shoot somewhere between 86 and 93 each round, with an index of around 16 or so.

What got my goat so bad was that I did not seem capable of going any lower – no matter what I did or how much I would practice.

According to my stats, it wasn’t any one area, either. I was medeocre at everything.

I laid awake at night wondering why I was a relative failure when so many similarly dedicated golfers were averaging in the low 80s and hitting the high 70s every once in a while.

I couldn’t accept this – and I kept trying.

Lot’s of lessons, lots of practice, lots of YouTube videos, books, drills, etc.

This went on for years and years, literally – with what seemed like slightly improved skills but still, sure enough, an average score of around 90 or so.

But I refused to give up.

In this blog I am documenting my efforts very comprehensively. Here, presented both simply and technically, I will blog about what really did it for me. I’m doing it because I love the game, and it will all be presented for free. No tricks. Please feel free to bookmark this page and come back for updates.

Breaking 80 – the paradox of changing your plan

One of the hardest things about my quest to break 80 was the paradox of changing one’s plan, and that’s why it took me so long. What is this paradox?

Well, on one hand, you must stick to the fundamentals and not search for some “holy grail” technique that will suddenly make you a great golfer. I mean, if you can break 90, you probably are well aware that that crap doesn’t work.

How many times have you “discovered the one thing that’s been holding you back” on the practice range, then you headed out to play a round thinking that you were on to something, and then shot well over your average anyway?

Am I right?

On the other hand, if you are not improving, you must change your approach, swing thoughts, and practice techniques entirely or you can’t expect improvement.

Knowing these things, every time I tried something new, I felt like I would have to stick to it for a while to figure out whether it was working or not.

I did this year after year.

Finally, and somewhat suddenly, after 15 plus years of utter failure and an endless plateau that would put the topography of Tibet to shame, my persistence and effort finally suddenly started paying off. Rapid improvement came totally out of the blue. My scores started dropping. I started hitting greens and saving pars, and even saw a decent amount of birdies.

Shortly after, I met my goal. I finally broke 80.

So what happened? How did I do it? What techniques did I try that actually worked?

I’m here to blog about it and it’s free.

Start here with how “swinging faster” helped me to break 80.

I was stuck in “safe mode” for years and year. What a big mistake this was. My instructors only helped to galvanize this misconception that slower is better. Not true at all.

Forward shaft lean: Also known as “how to rip at golf and break 80”

There more to it than leaning the shaft. Check it out.

Break 80 by fixing your grip and getting rid of those weak, fading drives

When you grip the club in the pad of your palm instead of your fingertips, the club-face tends to open when you squeeze. If you want to break 80, you should probably fix that.

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