To break 100, you must be willing to put your driver away

You CAN break 100 – I’ll show you how.

For starters, you must be must be willing to put the driver away.

Here comes some tough love.

If you are not breaking 100, you are not ready for it the driver. Period.

It is by far the most unforgiving club in your golf bag and it demands precision (and almost perfection) in all fundamental aspects of your set-up and swing.

To break 100, you MUST get in the fairway with some consistency and if you insist on using a nearly impossible club to hit then you are making things very hard on yourself.

I promise you that we will go back to using the driver at some point. I’m not asking that you put away your driver forever!

For now, however, if you lack the fundamentals in your game to break 100,  then trying to hit the driver will only frustrate-the-crap-out-of-you and lead to higher scores.

The driver is extremely hard to hit consistently

It might feel like the driver has such a big head, that it is easier to hit than your 3 wood –  or even your four hybrid.

But this is not true at all.

Sorry to be negative, but the longer shaft and the lower loft have the potential to make your day at the golf course frustrating and embarrassing. Are you serious about breaking 100? If so, put your driver in your closet for now.

To break 100, you need to hit more fairways

The very first step to breaking 100 is getting off the tee and into the fairway more consistently.

First, let’s be realistic here. Switching to an easier club off the tee will not lead you to hitting the fairway every time, or even half the time.

But with an easier club in your hands, you WILL hit the fairway with greater accuracy and with greater frequency then as you will with your driver.

Let’s continue to be realistic. Not using the driver off of the tee is a difficult endeavor to begin with.

You will still continue to duff your 3 wood or hybrid clubs off the tee, and you will still hit tee shots out of bounds and into the water.

Sometimes (if you’re a dude), when you duff, your golfing buddy’s well tease you and tell you to drop your pants because you can’t reach the lady’s tee.

When you miss hit – you will wonder why you are using a chicken stick and not the driver. “If I’m going to duff anyway, I may as well give myself a chance at ripping an epic drive, right”.


The point is that you will still be more accurate in the long run when you average a hundred tee shots. These miss-hit instances will certainly happen LESS often with an easier club and that is our goal here.

A lower score.

To break 100.

Be prepared to duff, sure, but I promise you this will happen less often when you’re not hitting the driver. Also, the results of a miss hit will not be as painful and detrimental to a lower score.

Have you ever heard the old golf adage that says “your golf score is based on the quality of your misses?”

But back to my point. I can’t tell you how important it is for your score that your figure out how to get the ball in the fairway. Even if it is just 160 yards on the first shot, but you are ion the fairway, you are setting yourself up for a lower score on that hole.

If you can get your fairway accuracy statistic to improve, your score will drop abruptly.

Your accuracy off the tee is probably the most important thing and you can fix in order to break a hundred

Have you heard the old expression “drive for show and putt for go”?

Well it’s b*******.

Sure, putting is incredibly important, but your tee ability will ultimately determine how low you can score.

All you need to do is see the tee shots from any player and you will be able to immediately assess their total scoring potential in golf.

A golfer who can hit the ball 250 and in the fairway consistently can break 80.

A golfer who can hit the ball 210 and in the fairway consistently can break 90.

A golfer who can hit the ball 160 yards and in the fairway constantly can break 100.

There are always exceptions – but these benchmarks are basically true.

How many times have you ripped a GREAT second shot from off of the fairway only for the “one unlucky branch” to be in the way (and the ball flies back and lands behind you).

Well I have news for you – it’s not luck.

You weren’t in the fairway to allow the 2nd good shot to miss that branch to  begin with, were you? It has to do with your tee shot, not with luck.

Why the driver is less accurate and harder to hit

One of our problems is that a driver’s shaft is very long.

To hit the  sweet spot well, you must apply extreme precision with the driver. Every centimeter added to shaft length increases the difficulty in hitting the sweet spot geometrically.

Then there is the issue of loft. The average driver has about 10 degrees of loft and the average 3 wood has 20. So you are looking at a 100% increase in loft in comparison.

That’s a lot.

Higher loft allows for much straighter shots and more forgiving miss hits. A lower loft will worsen any slice or hook significantly.

Also, if you do not hit the ball in the center of the club, or if your club head speed is lacking, then the higher loft will make the ball go farther too.

Farther and straighter and easier to hit more consistently?

Yes please.

This game is too hard as it is.

Please try this for a few rounds and tell me how it went.

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