Forward shaft lean: also known as “how to rip at golf and break 80”

There’s more to it than just leaning the shaft forward. Check it out.

After years of practice with no improvement followed by a sudden dash to successfully break 80, I set out to blog the concepts that finally made a dent in my index. One of these things was the position of my club at impact. The problem is, it’s not as simple as “leaning the shaft forward” as you strike the ball.

Forward shaft lean tip number 1 – light grip pressure

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your grip pressure? If you didn’t answer one or two, and you are struggling with breaking 80, give this tip a try.

The way to really keep the shaft forward of impact is to do so naturally. Your hands accelerate naturally as you swing through the golf ball, right?

Of course.

So what happens when your grip is too tight?

The club will not have a chance to lag behind your hands. When I say “lag”, I don’t mean purposefully applying wrist cock. If you are reading about how to break 80, I would think that you already know that you can’t just forcefully maintain cocked wrists and call that “lag”.

Instead, picture your hands being as loose as jelly as the club head impacts the ball. Try to picture the club’s grip getting head of the club head while your hands accelerating and your grip/wrists as loose as possible.

You are not HOLDING wrist cock or lag!

You are simply moving your hands faster, and since your grip and wrists are so loose and relaxed, the club face will naturally lag behind.

When you were a child, remember the trick you would do with your pencil to make it look like rubber? You held the pencil lightly between the tips of two fingers and waves it slightly and loosely back and forth.

Try to emulate that with the golf club.

Hands like rubber.

What going to happen to the shaft angle at impact when you do this? What will happen to club speed through impact? You know the answers.

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