Breaking 80 – Fix your grip, fix your fade, and gain distance

For years and years and years I knew I was griping the club in my palm instead of my fingertips yet I continued to ignore this flaw. I wish I would have went after this low-hanging fruit a lot earlier.

If you are an 80s shooter looking to break into the 70s, you already know what I mean . You’ve heard it before.

“Grip the club with the fingertips and not with the palm”.

“If your glove is wearing out in a spot on the pad of your palm, you’re doing it wrong.”

Yada, yada, yada.

Well, guess what? Your laziness in not addressing this problem might be costing you a lot of distance. It might be screwing up your ball-light characteristics and causing faded drives, or even the dreaded slice here and there.

Here’s why it might be costing you strokes, here’s why you probably have not fixed it, and here’s how you can fix it.

Break 80 by fixing your grip. Why gripping the glove (incorrectly) with your palm is costing you strokes.

Do you tend to fade or slice the ball when you swing hard? Especially with your driver?

This happens because with many golfers (who grip the club with their palm), the club head tends to open when the grip is tightened.

This leaves us with a slice into the trees or the water hazard on a few holes, and a loss of distance with the rest of your drives.

We all know how important distance is when it comes to lowering your index. A strong drive will leave you with an easier approach shot than as would a weak drive.

Turn your fade into a straight shot or a slight draw and watch your GIR stat explode.

Why we don’t bother fixing our grip

I don’t know exactly, and we all might have different reasons, but I have some ideas.

I know that for me, gripping the golf club in the pad of my palm rather than my fingertips feels a lot more comfortable. It also feel “stronger” to grip the club this way. Would you grip a sledge hammer in your fingertips only? Of course not.

But the golf club is not heavy. For more distance, we need speed. We do not need ot swing “harder”, just faster.

So when I would go to fix this on the golf course (or more accurately, the practice range), it wouldn’t “feel right” – and so I never committed to more than a few swings with a “proper”, fingertip-based grip.

With only a few swings and not really giving it much thought or much of a chance, I ignored the flaw. I didn’t realize how much this was holding me back.

Break 80 by committing to a fingertip-based grip

So, if you have been blowing this off too, this should be next on your fix-list. It’s a pretty easy fix. All it takes is commitment.

You just have to realize that it’s not going to feel comfortable. I fixed my grip over a year ago and I’m still not comfortable with it.

My drives are straighter and longer though.

Back to my guide to breaking 80.

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